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Tractors & Engines

'28 Case K-18-32, crossmotor tractor (#343103). Runs. view

'29 John Deere GP Standard (#210603) view

'37 John Deere A rear steel wheels (#460218). Runs. view

'54 Massey Harris Pacer 16 (#50006). Runs. 6th tractor made. view

Massey Harris Pony (#18508). Runs. view

Farmall F20 (#FA21664)

'47 Avery A (#10A894). Runs. view

'53 Allis Chalmers CA, NF w/endloader (#CA22616). Runs. view

engine for Allis Chalmers B

gas engines — Aermotor 1.5 hp. Runs. view

Fairbanks Morse Z 6hp (#552845) view

Fairbanks Morse Z 3hp (#350845) view

Fairbanks Morse Z headless 1.5hp, not complete, stuck

New Holland 5hp (#2994) Runs. view

Sandwich 1.25hp (#AA27097). Runs. view

Sattley 1.5hp (#63361). Runs. view

Stover 1.5hp (#KA154213). Runs. view

Stover 1.5hp (#KA159258)

International 3hp (#B23203) view

International 1.5hp (#AW39496)

John Deere E 1.5hp (#243624)

John Deere E 1.5hp (#335978) view

'28 Maytag FYED4 (#256185)

'33 Maytag 31 (#527224)

'35 Maytag 31 (#682782). view

'49 Maytag 72D 2 cylinder (#19849). view

Briggs & Stratton, Wisconsin, Bolens & other small engines. view (2 available as of August 10).

12 gas engine wheel sets view

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John Deere 2B left & right tractor pull plow view

John Deere #4 2B tractor pull plow on steel. view

3 John Deere walking plows w/steel beams

3 row cultivator for '29 John Deere GP

wood beam walking plow

1912 John Deere 1 Row walking cultivator

Allis Chalmers 1 Bottom 16 inch plow view

2R corn planter

Allis Chalmers single front wheel & 2 wheel narrow front for C

Aermotor windmill approx 35' unassembled missing fan

spring wagon view

Bull wagon view

metal flare box & gear

standard box wagon view

Weber double wagon box w/endgate seeder on IH gear view

NI running gear (#W-23786)

Nordyke & Marmon flour mill stone grinder

3 fanning mills

Gem corn grader

2 hole corn cutter view

2 hand-crank corn shellers view (both available as of August 10)

sheep shearing stand & drive

horse power

steam driven power unit

2 horse drawn slicer drags view

horse drawn ice cutter and ice saw view

platform scale

several pump jacks

tank type butter churn on stand

Warm Morning #524 stove

New Holland Buzz Saw view

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Thomas L. Lowe & Co metal lathe (#2124)

Rockwell wood lathe (#T8086) w/motor

Shopmaster TA906 table saw with 3/4hp motor

circular saw

O'Keefe & Merrit generator single ø 3KW (#4226) w/Hercules ZXB engine (#1157564)

Westinghouse generator model 35, 32 volt 750 W (#80416491)

chain saw

planes — large & small wooden planes, and metal planes. view

Collection of braces, draw knives, monkey wrenches, hand saws, old wrenches. view (draw knives available as of August 11.)

lots of other hand tools view (levels, hand drill, & wooden clamp available as of August 10)

Hydraulic jack

John Deere 111 riding mower

3 gang reel mower w/cart

Peerless 1T chain hoist

log chains

Hand crank drill press view

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License Plates
view size of collection.

Illinois license plates from 1913 on up. view misc. years (plates available as of July 26th are 1950, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, and 1984.)

Illinois 1921-1929 view (all plates available as of July 26)

Illinois 1930-1939 view (all plates available as of July 26)

Illinois 1940-1949 view (plates available as of July 26 are 1940, 1943, 1944, 1944, 1948, & 1948)

every state for 1976

many other state plates in the Union

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1 cast iron seat

2 buck saws

pulleys view

steel wheels

wood wheels including large buggy wheels

grinding wheels

E.L. Church hay car

hay fork, track, and carrier view

ox yoke


lightning rod

cast pots



corn driers

several hand planters

horse bits, harness, collars & other tack

horse shoes

flat belts

post office boxes from old Ashton post office

all kinds of misc hardware


fly wheel for John Deere GP

milk cans

barn boards

Literature for Case 18-32, John Deere GP & attachments, Hart Parr & others


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